Tuesday, September 17, 2013


On Sunday I went to an art show put on by the cool - and nice (it's always great to feel welcome at an art show when you don't know anyone there) - folks at Hill Street Country Club in Oceanside, California.  Art and photography by Carla Roque and JT Rhoades, respectively.  The show was held at Apotheque/Succulent Cafe in downtown Oceanside.  I didn't know how much I love succulents until I went to Succulent Cafe - this place is a gem of a little open-air coffeehouse where you're surrounded by these beautiful little cacti.  The show had a station where kids of any age could color/collage/whatever on these semi-blank cards.  While I was waiting for one of the gallery spaces to open up, I decided to sit and doodle.  Is this what is referred to as "zentangle"?  Apotheque Spa had a bowl of Mary Jane candies and I couldn't resist sampling one due to the cute packaging.  Why not glue it to my doodle?